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CARFIT understands and respects your concerns as to the privacy of any information you provide us. CARFIT will not sell or distribute any details provided by you. In particular, we will not rent or sell e-mail lists. In general, information provided to us from you will be only used only for the purpose of conducting service with you.

CARFIT understands your desire to protect personal information. We intend to inform you how your personal information will be gathered, tracked or used, and to give you choices.

CARFIT may compile data in aggregate form to better understand users that visit our site. We may, for example, use it to produce reports to identify the most popular search terms employed by users. We do update our policy from time to time without notice so please check back periodically. All updates will be published at this site.


General disclaimer

Information are intended only for CARFIT’s customers and are provided only for your convenience. CARFIT grants you no license or property rights to any such information. CARFIT does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of materials and other items contained on this server or any other server.

The information and materials are provided by CARFIT on an as is basic, and CARFIT expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability for a particular purpose, with respect to any service or materials.

Although you may freely download the information from this and related sites, CARFIT retains all trademark right and copyright on all text and graphics. You have no right to reproduce them in any way other than for your personal use.


What Information Do We Collect?

We record IP addresses to track sessions on our web site. This method allows us to recognize the address of your Internet Service Provider. It also tells us which sections and pages of our site you are visiting and for how long. We also use non-session cookies in order to identify unique users to our site. Neither the IP addresses nor the cookies are linked to anything that identifies you personally and as a result your session remains anonymous. Recording your session is meant to show us how you use our web site and to improve it accordingly.

We will have access to your personal information only when you choose to provide it by contacting or emailing CARFIT to receive further information. None of the information you provide voluntarily will be shared with third parties.



CARFIT has taken all reasonable steps to regulate access to our site and protect the data it contains from unauthorized access. However, we cannot warrant that the site is impregnable or invulnerable to hackers.


Local Laws

CARFIT controls and operates this site from it’s headquarters in the United States of America and branches in France. If you use this site from outside of these countries, you are entirely responsible for compliance with applicable local laws, including but not limited to the export and import laws of other countries in relation to the materials and third-party content.



“CARFIT” and “CARFIT PULS” are trademarks of CARFIT in the United States or other countries. Unauthorized use or duplication of these marks is strictly prohibited by law.


About CARFIT Group

Each company within the CARFIT Group is an independent legal entity. CARFIT Group is not a legal entity. CARFIT Group is a term to conveniently refer to a group of companies that are tied together by their corporate history. Therefore, please do not mistake the companies by their use of the similar name CARFIT. In particular, no company within the CARFIT Group can accept or receive service of process on behalf of another. No company within the CARFIT Group is legally liable for another unless specifically agreed to in writing to assume such liabilities. This site does not establish any nexus between any of the companies such that you can assume that they can be sued jointly or severally on behalf of another.


Links To Other Websites

CARFIT contains links to other web sites. While we do not share any of your personal information with these companies, they do not necessarily follow the same privacy policies as CARFIT and we are not responsible for your privacy once you leave our site.



If you have any further questions, please contact us.


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